Thursday, February 11, 2010

Down With the Dogs

Work. I work at Petco. I am their on-site dog trainer. That sounds cool to some, and it is, sometimes. Hard to make a living there. I make $9.50 an hour, plus a small percentage of each person's tuition. 6 weeks to the perfect puppy! Although I have some experience training dogs at the animal shelter where I volunteer, working with the owners is new. Hopefully I can wean away from Petco and develop my own business, training dogs privately. Big bucks, baby! We all know lots of wealthy dog trainers, don't we? There's Cesar Milan, and . . . hm, oh, that skinny British woman with the tight pony tail. That's about it. Dogs like those foreign accents. When I train dogs, I try different accents.
Actually, I am also adopting a new (to me) dog this coming tuesday. His name is Charlie and he became homeless when his owner died. Charlie is a cattle dog mix kinda thing. Furry and fat. I've had him out a few times at the shelter and today I took my dog Sammy to meet him. Tuesday can't come soon enough. When I say his name, I invariably slip into, "Chaaahley. Chaaahley bit me. And that really hurt, Chaahley and it's still . . . hurting." Fortunatley for my Charlie, he has bitten no one and never will.
Dogs are the best, aren't they? Like goofy angels in disguise. We humans need all the angels we can get.

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