Thursday, May 10, 2012

Go Ahead. Make My Day.

Now, don't get me wrong. I am delighted that our president has publicly come out to say he endorses same-sex marriage. His wording was careful and deliberate and, yes, more than a little politically motivated. What is getting my ruff up is the condescending attitude of both liberals and conservatives alike. Those who say LGBT folks should be "allowed' to marry, as if they have the authority to grant such privileges. As if this is some sort of benevolent gift they are bestowing upon us. We are not second class citizens and the time for moving to the back of the bus (read 'civil unions should be enough for us') is over. We are not less than anyone. There is no one on earth or in heaven who can dictate who a person loves. I do not understand the fears many people - especially fundamental religious people - have concerning this. What terrible thing will happen if LGBT people marry? Moral decay? Messed-up kids? The end of civilization? I think not. North Carolinans are so paranoid that they are trying to wipe out all possibility for same-sex marriage in their state forever. I do believe they are like the boy with his finger stuck in the dike) (;). There is no holding back the mighty tide and in the end, the flood of fairness will wash over us all in this country, both friend and foe alike. So, I say, "Yay President Obama!" "Yay, Mr. Eastwood!" You have made my day.