Monday, July 6, 2015

Still Time (working title -- “Not Dead Yet”)

Run through youth and colored rings
On the wild ride
Check the clock for the next best thing
Impatient for the tide

Still time
Still time.

Tread the ivy halls a little slower than the crowd
Sweat bullets, study more that I should
Speak up and out and loud
Trade hoodie for cap, gown and hood

Untangled heart’s elusive way 
Her hair golden in the setting of the sun
I waited life’s whole day
to find this hoped-for, unexpected one

Still time
Still time.

Walking down the aisle
Mother of the bride
Bequeathing all to this bright child
My love, my joy, my pride

Sweet scent of newborn baby
Circle swings around
My daughter’s child, not mine, but maybe
What was lost can now be found

Days and months and years spin madly
A few more rides around the block
Walking slower, dancing badly
Oh, that I could reset this clock

Wish that I could
Still time,

Still time

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