Sunday, June 28, 2015


I have a slot
A daily slot
Labeled "Agida."

The slot contains
Whatever angst 
I have that day

This kid or that
Tuition, alimony, rent
health, home repair
The "Service Engine" light
That lump on the dog's back leg
That seems to grow bigger


I am up early
With the summer sun
Coffee and blanket
And dogs on a cool and lovely deck

Sparrows, finches flit
about the feeder
Fussing merrily.
While mourning doves coo
in the calm below, happy to glean
From the sparrow's boisterous breakfast

They live life on the edge
Yet they celebrate the moment

I am reminded of the passage from Matthew -- 
Consider the lilies . . . the birds of the air . . .
Not even Solomon in all his glory . . .

I cast you off as I would any annoying cloak
Like I cast off this blanket as the sun warms my shoulders

Yet you cling like a wet garment, fighting me as I peel you away.

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